This is my official personal profile, contact information, autobiography, memoir, timeline, etc. It is an original essay about my personal life and the extraordinary ideas constantly running through my mind.

Everyone is welcome to read this document. It is written considering the people closely related to me as well as complete strangers who curiously get interested somehow.



My family is great. It's quite easy to say that I love every member of my family. First, I consider I should be proud of my ancestors. Even though I don't know much about their lives, I suppose it was more difficult than mine. As a molecular biologist, I thank them for passing excellent genes to me.

On my mother's side, I have Native American origins. Many aspects of my mind and my physique are influenced by this fact. I often associate my profound relation to Nature with the Native American way of thinking. Straight dark hair, almost no beard, particular jaw line, are a few interesting features inherited from my mother's genetics.

My father's ancestors were French. I like to think this gave me an excellent intellect, contributing to my huge interest in Science, Philosophy and Art.


I was born on September 18th 1981 at 10:20.


My childhood was great.


My adolescence was great.

Young Adulthood

My life since the beginning of the 3rd millenium is also great.


I have a diploma in biotechnology including a concentration in bioinformatics at University of Sherbrooke.


Brainstorming about precisely what philosophy is the most closely related to my way of thinking, the concept of Stoicism seems yet to fit the best. It's an ancient but powerful philosophy. The people who thought it out already knew more about life and the universe than most of my contemporaries.


I apprehend openly what life will offer me in the next few years. I could work as a biologist as well as a computer scientist. Great years wait upon me. I wish to live forever the best, healthy, peaceful, beautiful life.